Father John Misty Performs New Song In Tokyo

At his show in Tokyo on Thursday Night, Father John Misty performed what might be the previously announced song “Mr. Tillman, Please Exit The Lobby” from his upcoming fourth LP (h/t Reddit user TheWhiteJ).


A fan captured the song on video and uploaded the footage to YouTube.


Misty described the as-of-yet untitled fourth LP to Uncut as “the real I Love You, Honeybear but without the cynicism.” The whole Uncut article (linked above) from last November is worth a read, but here is an excerpt:


“Most of this next album was written in a six-week period where I was kind of on the straits,” he tells Uncut‘s Jaan Uhelszki. “I was living in a hotel for two months. It’s kind of about… yeah… misadventure. The words were just pouring out of me. It’s really rooted in something that happened last year that was… well, my life blew up. I think the music essentially serves the purpose of making the painful and the isolating less painful and less isolating. But in short, it’s a heartache album.”


Watch the video here:

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