Live Show: Things Fall Apart by The Roots

Critically Acclaimed is live at Dangerously Delicious Pies! Host Jake Ramirez and freelance music writer Chris Kelly dig into Things Fall Apart, the 1999 LP by The Roots that kicked off the brief but essential Soulquarian era. The two discuss the how the album has aged gracefully, how it hasn’t, and why music wouldn’t be the same […]

Night Falls Over Kortedala by Jens Lekman

Swedish musician Jens Lekman is a master storyteller who seems to exist in a timeless realm. On this episode of Critically Acclaimed, host Jake Ramirez and Sea Grapes frontman / Community Radio Tapes founder Luke Janke discuss Lekman’s lowkey charm, his sample-heavy production style, and why the warm and genuine nature of Lekman’s work is so […]

The Ooz by King Krule

While King Krule was never a particularly cheery musician, he sank deeper than ever on his sophomore album The Ooz. On this episode of Critically Acclaimed, host Jake Ramirez and former student radio co-host DJ Sutton talk about King Krule’s multidisciplinary bend, what it means when an album is labeled “indulgent”, and why telling stories about […]

Aquemini by Outkast

While Outkast became a household name based on hits like “Hey Ya!” and “Ms. Jackson”,  they are revered by fans for their timeless songwriting and genre-pushing experimentation on their early albums. The talent and creativity of duo Andre 3000 and Big Boi crystallized on their third LP, Aquemini. On this episode of Critically Acclaimed, host […]

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie

Transatlanticism, the widely beloved album from indie/alternative stalwarts Death Cab for Cutie, is a staple on lists of the most important albums of the 2000s. On first listen, your reaction may be, “why?” On this episode of Critically Acclaimed, host Jake Ramirez and Joyous Eclectic host Matt Rawls dig into the conceptual nature of Transatlanticism, […]

The Velvet Rope by Janet Jackson

As a pop culture icon, Janet Jackson has excelled as a recording artist, actor, video star, and performer. While early albums Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 have deservedly received great acclaim, one of Jackson’s most essential and personal albums, The Velvet Rope, has garnered more and more respect as it has aged. On this episode of Critically Acclaimed, host Jake Ramirez […]

Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? by of Montreal

The wildly prolific band of Montreal has assumed many forms over its twenty-plus years of existence. The one constant, other than a notoriously wild live show, is the presence of songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Barnes. of Montreal’s highly regarded 2007 LP Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? finds Barnes grappling with his mental health in the face of a […]

Summerteeth by Wilco

Wilco has a deep discography. From their early alt-country roots on AM and Being There to their ascent to elder indie-rock statesmen, it’s hard to know where to start. While a common entry point to the band is their masterpiece Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, there may not be a better synthesis of Wilco future and past than Summerteeth. On this episode of […]

The Idler Wheel… by Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple has been called crazy, eccentric, tortured, and genius. On her fourth LP, The Idler Wheel, Apple lays her psyche bare for the world to see to astounding effect. From the jazz scat raps of “Left Alone,” to the vitriolic “Regret,” to the entrancing duet “Hot Knife,” Apple displays a dazzling array of lyricism […]